KITI MEZANI means "a seat at the table" in Swahili.

We offer up-cycled quality classic seating by curating iconic pieces and world fabrics designed and inspired by the works of artists, designers and craftsmen of the African Diaspora. We are committed to both saving our planet and creating a seat at the table for our artists, designers and craftspeople


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What We Do

  • 1. We Find It.

    We look everywhere for hidden gems.

  • 2. We Refurbish It.

    We take it down to the bone.

  • 3. We Curate It.

    We select only sustainable, natural and culturally inspired textile designs.

  • 4. We Offer It To You.

    Like new. But better.

Kiti Mezani's Promises To...

  • Our Earth

    “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”—African Proverb. We support environmental conservation and sustainable innovation & development. As our planet lives or dies, so do we. We promise to help bring the ecological balance necessary to return this borrowed earth in better condition to our children.

  • Our People

    We are creatives dedicated to promoting and preserving the craftsmanship and artistry of the people of the African Diaspora. We promise to provide opportunities for sustained participation and growth in the global marketplace.

  • Our Clients

    We carefully hand-pick seating that undergoes full up-cycling with sustainable and natural materials and processes by experienced hands-on master craftsmen and artists. We promise to give to our clients the quality of care and attention that we give to each of our bespoke pieces, minus the gentle rubbing, brushing and polishing.